Beauty & Healthcare  
  "Covermark" is a very popular brand for foundation that satisfies adult women seeking flawless skin.  
   For more detailed information  http://www.covermark.hk
      Kesalan Patharan  
  "KesalanPatharan" is a makeup brand renowned for rich and clear color shades.  
   For more detailed information  http://www.kesalanpatharan.hk
  Based on the latest skin physiology, Acseine offers a range of cosmetics that solve increasing skin problems faced by adult women such as atopic dermatitis and pimples.  
   For more detailed information  http://www.acseine.hk
  Imju's consistently evolving solutions for beauty and healthcare and its dedication to serving customers with dependable quality and innovation set the company apart from its competition.  
   For more detailed information  http://www.imju.co.jp
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